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Dr. Yorke is awarded Chaconia Gold

Dr. Robert Theophilus Yorke was awarded the Chaconia Medal Gold in sphere of business for long and meritorious service to Trinidad and Tobago that promotes the national welfare, or strengthens the community spiriton 31st August 2011.

Dr. Yorke and Yorke Structures Limited (YSL) is first local manufacturer of structural steel. Over the past four decades, the company has earned a reputation for high standards in its design, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork for buildings, airports, university campuses and petrochemical plants across the region. This reputation stems directly from his personal philosophy “strive to meet the needs of others with honesty, reliability, dependability and hard work.”

Dr. Yorke has very quietly and without fanfare contributed to the development of the engineering industry and instrumental in the development of the energy industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Through YSL he has been involved in the construction of the majority of the methanol, urea, ammonia, steel, iron carbide and liquefied natural gas plants erected in at Point Lisas and Point Fortin.  

Robert T. Yorke is always mindful of his community role and through Yorke Structures Limited has been involved in a number of community based projects including the construction, restoration and repair works to several churches and schools throughout the region.  

The company has also sponsored tuition for a number of students not only in the engineering field but also in various other related fields.  Yorke Structures Limited also conducts apprentice training programmes aimed at enhancing the employment prospects of young people.  

Over the last fifteen years through his company, Dr. Yorke has donated on an annual basis two prizes to the Faculty of Engineering for the “Best Level 2” Civil Engineering student and the “Most Outstanding Level 2 Student” at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Over the years he has served as a Director on several state boards including the National Gas Company, National Petroleum Company Limited and First Citizens Bank Limited. He was also the Property Advisor to the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.


Export Award

From left to right: Simon Westcott, Francis Paul and
Jacqueline Yorke-Westcott receive the 1996 Exporter of the Year Award

Yorke Structures Limited is the market leader in the Caribbean in its chosen field and operates the largest steel fabricating company in the region. Products and services are exported throughout the Caribbean and in 1996, the company won the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago's Exporter of the Year Award for its export performance.


Yorke Structures Ltd Christmas Luncheon 1999

The staff of Yorke Structures gathered outside the office for this picture
following their Christmas Luncheon

Ringbang™ Monument Signal Hill, Tobago

The 'Ringbang'™ monument recently erected on Signal Hill, Tobago as part of the Ringbang Celebration and 2000 Today BBC/WGBH Millennium Day Broadcast which was the single largest event in the history of television to mark the year 2000, represented a highly unusual commission for its fabricators, Yorke Structures Limited.

Depicting a 60ft high dancing man on a windswept hillside overlooking Scarborough, Tobago in structural steelwork represented an innovative and unusual use of the material. As such it presented Yorke Structures Limited with a number of specific problems which resulted in the company having to use its considerable experience and technical know how to design, fabricate and erect a structure which ensured the structural integrity of the statue and yet maintained the required artistic form.

The final structure weighed in excess of twenty tons and was constructed of stiffened twelve-inch diameter structural tubing. It is designed to resist hurricane force wind loads and the overall stability was ensured by providing massive concrete foundations and stiffened moment connection bases to withstand the large overturning moments. Nodes where there were high stress concentrations, namely at the knees, pelvis, elbows and chest were further stiffened to carry the large torsion and bending moments generated within the statue.

Prior to erection, the area was cleared and concrete foundations cast together with the holding down bolts to Yorke Structures Limited's design by the Tobago House of Assembly, Ministry of Works. The steelwork was fabricated in Yorke's fabrication shop in Arima, Trinidad and shipped to Tobago. The structure was then bolted together on the ground and lifted into position in one crane lift. Once in final position, the statue was plumbed vertical, the connections were checked for tightness and the box out sections at the base of the structure were backfilled with concrete. The erection work took two days and was completed in time to complement the concert festivities that followed shortly afterwards for the new millennium.


La Riviera Apartment Complex Westmoorings, Trinidad

The area to the west of Port of Spain has in recent years seen phenomenal growth in the real estate market. This growth has been marked by the construction of several up-market housing and apartment developments along the coastal strip. One of the largest and most prestigious of these is the La Riviera complex being developed by Guardian Properties. This is a fourteen-storey structure constructed directly on the sea front, and incorporating one hundred and fifty luxury apartments and condominiums.

With its unrivalled experience in the fabrication and erection of large steel structures, Yorke Structures Limited was appointed as the specialist steelwork contractor responsible to the Client's Project Manager. The project involved the fabrication and site erection of three thousand tonnes of structural steelwork and was completed in nine months. The project was characterised by the high levels of erection accuracy that were required by the Client and the discipline that was required when working with other contractor's and construction trades on what was a tight construction schedule and a cramped construction site.



Piarco International Airport New Terminal Facility

In 1998, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago embarked upon a comprehensive upgrade of the country's main airport facility at Piarco, Trinidad. Central to this redevelopment was the construction of a new terminal building incorporating all! the facilities required to provide an efficient, comfortable and enjoyable environment synonymous with a modem 21st century airport. Given the complexity of the structure and the compressed construction period, the contract for the structural steel frame and the floor and roof decking was let to Yorke Structures Limited. Working to exacting international standards, the company detailed, fabricated and erected in excess of three thousand tonnes of steelwork and fifty thousand square metres of composite floor decking and acoustic roof decking. The project was completed within eleven months.

As the terminal building approached completion, interest from vendors and concessionaires was so great that the government took up the option to extend the central concourse area by an additional floor as provided for in the original design. Yorke Structures Limited subsequently extended the original structure and also constructed the covered canopy for the main approach driveway.


Loading Steel for the Tobago Stadium

Yorke Structures Limited is supplying steel for the construction of the Tobago Stadium currently in progress.  Here are some photos of the loading of steel for shipment -- a major logistical project!


Bacolet Stadium Tobago

Bacolet Stadium - Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is to be the host of the FIFA under 17 World Youth Football Championships in 2001.  The Government is committed to developing four new stadiums in Union Park, Couva, Malabar and Bacolet in Tobago.  These new facilities will complement several existing stadiums to provide the venues for the tournament.

Yorke Structures Limited fabricated and erected the structural steelwork for the main grandstand in Bacolet, Tobago.  This new grandstand will ultimately provide covered seated accommodation for over 4,000 fans.  The structural steelwork was shipped from Trinidad over one weekend by chartering the MV Panorama ferry ship which transported in excess of thirty trailers, cranes, equipment and manpower to Tobago.  The structure, which contains in excess of 500 tons of steel was then erected in three weeks and included an 80 foot span cantilever roof assembly.